Survivalism and Personal Progress: Seeking Synergy in a Paranoid Paradox

The inexorable acceleration of global warming and geopolitical instability contribute to a climate in which a relatively significant investment in disaster management preparation appears to be reasonable, if not required. So just how much “Doomsday” prepping is too much, and … Continued

Queen Nana Bettina

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It is with great sadness that I must report that my Nana, Elizabeth “Betty” Imhoff departed from her Earthly Incarnation one week ago today, on July 13th, 2016, after 102 beautiful years on this planet. Nana and I were extremely … Continued

Reemergence: Episode 2 and Beyond

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At last, the nanobotic dust is settling on Dada’s biochemical education, and production on Phoenix And Phriends is resuming in earnest. Watch this Space for frequent updates, teasers, remixes, and special features. Phoenix continues to grow ever more powerful, and … Continued

Earth Day Update!

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On behalf of Phoenix and myself, like to thank you intrepid early adopter fans out there for your patience, and explain the lengthy silence from the Universe of Phoenix And Phriends. Episode 2 is currently in production, but progress has … Continued