Episode 2 Update

Yes, the delay has been lengthy, but Episode 2, Weird Weather, is well underway. The uniforms have been freshly updated, many of the scenes have already been shot, and pre-editing is already taking place. We are working hard to achieve a Thanksgiving 2016 release. Phoenix turned 2 years old yesterday, and is at an unprecedented level of action hero capacity!

The origins of our extended inter-episode interval have been uniquely multifauceted, and largely the result of foundational work at the service of the long term sustainable evolution of Phoenix And Phriends. Fans will be releived to learn that subsequent episodes will be increasingly rapidly produced. We have upgraded our uniforms, and are in the process of developing entirely novel, mixed multimedia special effects. Some of these new techniques will emerge in Episode 2, but will be heavily incorporated into Episode 3 and beyond. 

In the interest of creating cash flow to fund the future phases of the show, we will soon be opening an affiliated Etsy shop. This endeavor has become a bit more labor and resource intensive than initially anticipated, but I feel increasingly excited that the long awaited launch is now quite near. It is our intent to offer a unique array of ornamental items, thematically and aesthetically complementary to the ethos of our show. 

Watch this Space!