Recalibration: 2017

For too long, I have struggled for a more coherent and effective strategy with which to approach this blog. At last, after much consternation, the elusive obvious epiphany had at last occurred. Chaos! Quantity over quality! I enjoy writing, and thus, I shall write with greater frequency. Attempting to confine my work on this blog to writings which seemed appropriate to the audience of a science fiction show ostensibly created for children has created an unnecessary bit of writer’s block. Ultimately, I must face the fact that the show is unlikely to be palatable to a conventional “children’s show” audience, and restricting my blogging to a hypothetical audience of this nature is likely to result in something profoundly uninteresting to almost everyone.  The membrane between fact and fantasy has always been semi permeable since the very inception of Phoenix And Phriends. The show is an exaggerated vision of my desire to learn from the Universe, through the specific vehicle of my relationship with my son, to become an effective agent of positive change in the world. The Dada character is earnest and eager, yet bumbling and naive. It had occurred to me to attempt to write these blog posts “in character,” but the specificity of that effort was simply too stifling to the process. It had also occurred to me to assign myself a seemingly relevant topic each week, and post in a predictable, focused, coherent, and we’ll researched manner. This also proved to be untenable at this particular point in my process of being. Instead, I hereby resolve to post frequently, sincerely, and somewhat haphazardly. “The Dada Diaries” has long struck me as having been a rather idiotic title for the blog, chosen on a momentary whim. I will now accept the implication of this misconceived moniker, and simply write in a more stream of consciousness oriented manner, addressing my actual concerns, interests, and desires relating to the so-called “Real World.” I will simply write in the voice of myself, Byron H Diel, a humanoid on the Earth, “Percussionist, Paramedic, Producer,” and father of Phoenix. These are strange, frightening, challenging, and yet deeply interesting and exciting times in which we operate. I make no special claim to the answers of the questions that we face. The journey of my life has been in many ways a rather unusual one, and I do believe that if I properly apply myself, I may be able to provide some sort of contribution to the betterment of humanity, and I believe that I have a responsibility to help as possible with the limited abilities I possess. With this final pre-postmodern post, I will abandon attempts at “meta narrative” and will heretofore attempt a “para narrative,” wandering a path alongside the mystery of existential truth, without the pretension of illusory encapsulation.  Embracing my “Inner Dada,” I will bumble forward, worrying as little as possible whether the ideas presented are fully formed, but blindly trusting that faithful and dutiful service to my Commander will ultimately bring these efforts to a satisfied conclusion.