Update on Pilot Script Completion!

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For all practical purposes, the script to the Phoenix and Phriends pilot is finally officially done. There may be a minor tweek or two left, and some ad lib lines to add in, but basically, at long last, it is finished. Tomorrow, we will finally film the Smoke Brothers scenes at CMAC. After that, I have a couple more very easy scenes to film with Phoenix, and it’s a wrap. The bottleneck, predictably enough, is editing, but progress is being made, and the process is becoming increasingly enjoyable. I believe we are still on track for a January premier of the pilot. It has been an epic journey indeed, and the endgame promises to be fraught with various forms of dramatic peril. However, if Dada and Phoenix can successfully prevent the Smoke Brothers from stealing the Hubble, then surely I, Byron H Diel, can and at last unleash this completed production on an unsuspecting public. The other major project for this weekend is to finish the theme song, once and for all. Watch this space for sneak previews, promo pieces, outtakes and information on the cable and internet releases of the show itself.