Pilot Nearing Completion!

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The scenes with our villians, the Smoke Brothers, were shot last Saturday, and completely exceeded my high expectations. It’s admittedly hard for me to be objective, as intertwined as this project has become with my life, but I think these scenes are really quite amusing. Clark Sumner as Charleton Smoke, and Chris Hubble as Dagmar Smoke turned out to be perfectly cast, if I do say so myself, and I think they’re really going to steal the show. Tomorrow, I hope to shoot the two remaining scenes with Phoenix, and maybe even my last two quick ones (if we’re extra lucky.) I’ll remember to get some photos from the set, for a change. There’s a lot of editing left to do, but we’re still on track to air in January. I hope to be getting clips posted to the blog soon, but CMAC needs to air them first, as part of our contractual arrangement. Thanks for your patience.  It’ll be worth the wait.